Frequently Asked Questions

Word counts are established electronically by scanning the text of submitted documents in
Microsoft Word. Bibliographic references and data included in Tables and Figures are
excluded in total word counts. Titles, abstracts, and captions to displays as well as
footnotes are included in total word counts. Based on the evaluation of the service level
required to process an order, we will apply the per-word rate of either 0.12 USD (Native
Professional) or 0.15 USD (Advanced Native Professional) to calculate the total estimated
cost. 50% of this cost estimate will be billed by invoice to initiate contract services, and the
remaining 50% of the total will be billed once the customer has reviewed the complete
edited version of documents and confirms customer satisfaction with the finished product.

Processing time for any individual order will vary depending on the scope, complexity, and
scale of editing required. Native Professional and Advanced Native Professional orders will
be placed into separate categorical work flow queues based on the chronological timing for
contract initiation. Because Advance Native Professional service support requires multiple
rounds of correspondence and a logical series of draft revisions, it is anticipated that
processing time will be proportionally longer for completing Advanced Native vs. Native
Professional service contracts.


Although every effort will be made to return finished documents as quickly as possible,
there is no provision for “rush orders” since the goal of BEST Editing Co. is to work
carefully with each client to ensure his or her individual communication goals are met with
careful attention to detail and are given the highest priority based on the sequence of
orders received. In this manner, everyone gets fair and equal treatment and undivided
attention to quality control and maximum speed of return by the Chief Editor. If the work
load in the queue prohibits a reasonable turnaround time given the competitive nature of
the project, then this can be discussed directly in negotiations between the client and the
Editor by email prior to contract intiation. If the Editor believes it is unrealistic to meet a
proposed deadline, then no attempt will be made to initiate a contract for that order so as
to protect the professional priorities and best interests of the customer.


Pricing and scheduling agreements for contracting Custom Specialist orders are not treated
as part of the same workflows outlined above. These contracts are based entirely on direct
negotiations between the client and Chief Editor for highly individualized projects that are
likely to involve multiple rounds of correspondence in order to address project-specific

All text documents for editing should be drafted in English and submitted as native
Microsoft Word .docx files and also as converted PDF files for native document referencing.


This policy ensures both continuity and maximum quality control for all editorial
processing across client orders and also saves processing time for individual orders by
avoiding errors in native file formatting and the need to convert among different software
file formats and operating systems.


Presentation files such as Microsoft PowerPoint slide lectures and commercial marketing
materials created in Adobe Illustrator and similar documents which rely heavily on visual
summaries and displays should be submitted as PDF versions of native graphics documents
for reference. However, the native English text material for these files will still need to be
submitted for editorial processing as Microsoft Word .docx files that can be used by the
client to repopulate text in the original native graphics files downstream of English editing.
In other words, the English editing of text will be processed by BEST Editing Co. externally
in MS Word from any formatting required by the native graphics file software environment.

At BEST Editing Co. we welcome your correspondence and are happy to help with any
questions you may have about your project needs and our professional services.
Communication with the Chief Editor is best achieved by directly emailing using your preferred email account management program, or
by clicking the “Contact” button located at the bottom of each page of the website.


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