Andrew M. Shedlock, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology & Genome Sciences
College of Charleston & Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Andrew M. Shedlock holds degrees from Cornell University and the University of
Washington and has held previous academic appointments at the University of California at
Berkeley, Harvard University, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, and the
Tokyo Institute of Technology. Andrew has been awarded multiple international
fellowships including grants from the National Science Foundation, The Japan Society for
the Promotion of Science, and the US Department of State Fulbright Foundation. He is
presently Associate Professor of Biology and Genome Sciences at the College of Charleston
and the Medical University of South Carolina, USA.

Professor Shedlock has over 25 years experience working internationally, especially in
China and Japan, and has built productive long-term relationships across institutions and
cultures through his commitment to education, research, and business. His publication and
grant proposal activities have distinguished his career as an expert journal referee, grant
review panelist, and technical editor. As a scientific consultant, professional educator, and
student mentor, Professor Shedlock is constantly pursuing the highest standards of written
communication possible for his non-native English speaking colleagues worldwide.

BEST Editing Co.

Business | Education | Science | Technology

BEST Editing Company is the result of Professor Shedlock’s wealth of international experience and vision for delivering competitive high-impact editorial services in native English for professional communication in business, education, science, and technology. All forms of professional documentation drafted in English will be considered for BEST Editing Co. service support (see Services and Pricing page). Dr. Shedlock functions as the Chief Editor for all project orders and is dedicated to technical perfection, customer satisfaction, and individual client success based on decades of trustful productive relationships working closely with non-native English speaking professionals from around the world.


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